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Now a family friend…

We originally chose Larry as our realtor because his discounted rates are unbelievable! Little did we know how extraordinary he truly is: Larry is hands-down the best real estate agent out there. We used him both to sell a property and purchase a new one, and he was exceptional as both a buying and selling agent. Larry is knowledgeable, professional, highly skilled at what he does, and was always available when we called or emailed with any questions or concerns about anything, no matter how trivial.
I can honestly say that we felt 100% comfortable trusting him to look out for us, and he absolutely went above and beyond. He had great advice to give, and helped us make the property we were selling have as much appeal as possible by coordinating with painters, house-cleaners, etc., so we didn’t have to worry about figuring any of that out, and negotiating a price for said work that wouldn’t break the bank. He also made sure we got a price we were comfortable with as seller as well as buyers, and it was very important to him that we only buy a house that we LOVE, not just one that would suit our needs (in retrospect I am so glad, thinking back on where we now live vs. places we had considered purchasing- at the time I thought it was a little odd, quite honestly).

Besides being an AMAZING agent, and now someone we’d consider a family friend, Larry is truly a stand-up guy. He is a genuinely kind, pleasant, charismatic, professional, and intelligent person of solid moral character, which is unfortunately a rare find these days. Larry Friedman is truly a diamond in the rough. I absolutely recommend him to anyone and will continue to refer him to my family and friends because I KNOW they will be in good hands!! (I also need to say that he works closely with his wife, Sherrie, who is very sweet, competent, professional, and overall awesome person!